Terms and Conditions of Sale

Important note: most furniture for sale is second-hand and may not be in perfect condition. You should check the condition of items before purchasing.

Holding items

We will hold an item for you, if requested, until the close of the next working day only, after which it will automatically be offered for sale.


  • Please tell us about any access arrangements that our drivers need to know such as steps, slopes, lifts, parking restrictions etc.
  • If you change your mind about a furniture purchase before it is delivered or you collect it, we will allow you to select an alternative item or you may choose to be issued with a credit note which will be valid for three months from the date of issue.  This will not affect your legal rights to a refund where goods are found to be defective.
  • Please note we expect all deliveries and collections to be made within 5 working days, after which we reserve the right to charge a non-refundable storage fee of £5 per item per week until they are delivered or collected.  Items will be stored for a maximum of 2 weeks only after which they will return to being offered for sale and storage fees will not be refunded.
  • Please measure the item before you purchase.  It is your responsibility to make sure the items you purchase are suitable and will fit into your home. You will not be entitled to a refund if they do not fit.

Delivery and collection

  • If you are collecting an item please ensure you are satisfied with the condition when you collect it from our store.
  • If upon delivery an item will not fit into your home we will ask you to choose from the following;
    1 – leave the item in a suitable place;
    2 – return the item to our store, in which case a £20 administrative fee may be charged and will be deducted from the value of any credit  note we may issue.
  • We will usually deliver to the ground floor, however, ONLY if agreed first by a manager, and provided there is clear access and it is safe to do so, we may deliver items to a room above ground floor.  Please note that it is not possible to deliver very heavy furniture above the ground floor. 
  • We will not refund the delivery charge for failed deliveries or returned items.
  • Please ensure there is a responsible adult at home to receive the items when we deliver otherwise they will be returned to the store and further delivery costs may be incurred to rearrange the delivery.

Post delivery

  • If after delivery you change your mind about the items purchased please note you are not entitled to a refund, exchange or credit note.
  • Please make sure you check the condition of all items delivered. Should you discover any damage or a fault you should notify the driver immediately, or the store within 24 hours. 
  • Where new items are sold we will advise you upon purchase if a guarantee applies to the item.

Credit note and refund policy

We will refund in accordance with your legal rights, that is, where goods are found to be defective as to quality, description or performance.  In all other cases we will issue a credit note.